Types of Inspections

Pre-Listing Inspection

Before you list and market your property, consider having a pre-sale home inspection performed. Identifying and repairing problem areas and knowing the general condition of your home will help you properly price your home to sell quickly in this market.

New Construction Progress Inspection

If you are purchasing a new home that is currently under construction, we recommend having the following progress inspections performed:

Pre-Purchase Inspection

When you’re under contract to purchase a home, one of the first steps you should take is scheduling a comprehensive home inspection. You can join the inspector as he inspects your new home, learning more about the construction and condition of the home than you might have known before you went under contract.

After the inspection, you’ll receive an emailed report, specifying information and the condition of all systems in the home you’re purchasing. The report will also include a summary of the repairs that need to be made, allowing you to get a quick picture of what you’re getting yourself into. The list of needed repairs is also useful in determining what repairs you will request that the seller complete.

One-Year Warranty Inspection

New construction homes often come with a 12-month builder warranty. It is important to take full advantage of this warranty before it expires to protect the investment you’ve made in your home. The warranty expiration marks the final opportunity to identify, document, and inform your builder of items that need repair or adjustment.

After you move into your new home, you may notice minor repairs that need to be made. Some issues might seem trivial, but in fact may be indicative of major problems down the road. It is important to have a trained, experienced professional perform a thorough inspection of your home to help you discern and document all current and potential issues. Until the expiration of the 12-month warranty, your builder will be responsible for the majority of the necessary home repairs.

A one-year warranty inspection is especially critical if you didn’t have an initial home inspection before you purchased your new home. The builder or your real estate agent may have told you that an inspection was not necessary because the home was new and under warranty. However, problems are discovered in nearly every new home, including code violations, improper or missing installations, and major safety hazards.

A warranty inspection is a comprehensive home inspection that covers all systems and components of the house. This inspection also provides the opportunity to gain maintenance advice to prolong the integrity of the structure and its systems. The warranty inspection should be scheduled 10-11 months after closing to allow time for repairs to be made before the one-year expiration.

Radon Testing

In addition to home inspections, HOME INSPECTION SERVICES, INC. provides radon testing services to its clients. All radon tests are performed with Sun Nuclear continuous monitors. For more information about radon testing, please visit www.RaleighRadon.com, the radon testing division of HOME INSPECTION SERVICES, INC.

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